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Top Five Sunscreens For Best Sun Protection


Did you know that Sunscreens plays an important role in ensuring that your skin is well protected all the time? Sunscreens are really the best essentials that will ensure that your swimming or even sunbathing experience is memorable with fewer worries about the effects of sun-rays and the water-related effects.

Sunscreens do differ and the swimmer needs to identify the perfect sunscreen that will really ensure that the swimming experience is really enhanced! The swimmers especially women need to learn the basics of choosing the best sunscreen for face and also the whole body. The sunscreens are really very essential following their best abilities to give the most amazing results after every swim!

Importance of Sunscreens

Sunscreens do really have a lot of advantages such as protecting your body against the harmful rays. its also a natural moisturizer and sometimes they contain important ingredients that really protects your skin against harmful substances. More details will be obtained from the individual type.

Top 5 Sunscreens

Among the top five list of the sunscreens are:

  • La Rose Posay

La rose Posay


This is a highly rated and best-selling sunscreen that has the best advantages such as covering the blemishes in the body and also absorbs oils for the matte even skins. Its actually best suited for the oily skins and also the sensitive skins. It has the best abilities to instantly mattify the skin and it always protects the pores without clogging them. Its ingredients are the Airlicium that is well known for the oil absorption abilities. Other important to note features of the leading sunscreen are as follows; its fragrance-free, paraben free, oil free and also non-comedogenic!

  • Banana Boat Sunscreen



Banana Boat Sunscreen

This is undoubtedly one of the best sunscreens for a face. It’s a reef safe sunscreen that’s made without the components such as the oxybenzone and the Octinoxate. It has the best abilities such as being water resistant, sweat resistant and also no greasy features. Its active ingredients are Zinc oxide. It has no parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, and the sulfates. It is really infused with the youth promoting anti-oxidants and also the astaxanthins. It’s really one of the best swimming essentials.

  • Sun Bum


Sun Bum

This is, of course, an amazing choice for both adults and also children following its best abilities to be applied even to the most sensitive skin. It has the best abilities to gap the dangers of the UVB and also its water resistant that qualifies it to be one of the swimming essentials. It is made with the hypoallergenic ingredients that are reef friendly and also the vegan ingredients that work to gap the issues of the UVA rays. It really does not contain the oxybenzone and also the paraben that blocks the pores and sometimes causes the allergies. It’s approved sunscreen that have the best benefits to the users and is being recommended by the SFA.

  • Replenix Sheer Physical Sunscreen Cream


Replenix Sheer Physical Sunscreen Cream

This is another amazing swimming essential that possesses the best benefits to every user. It’s a moisturizing SPF 50 that’s formulated by zinc oxide and some antioxidants that will ensure that you are fully protected against the UVA/UVB rays. It really reduces the visibility of the sunburns. Users are always advised to apply them before they are exposed to the sun. You can also reapply it after swimming or even after the towel drying when you are just out from swimming. It can work well with the sensitive skin.

  • Suntergrity



This is another top-rated sunscreen that really has the best benefits since it can infuse the youth following its amazing astaxanthin and the antioxidants it possesses. it has a 20 % active zinc oxide and is top rated with the EWG. it does not have the parabens, synthetic dyes, titanium dioxide and the nanoparticles making it the most amazing natural and cruelty-free no greasy formula!

How to Choose The Best Sunscreen or Lotion

Getting the right sunscreen is not that easy following the wide varieties of the sunscreens that promises the same benefits. It makes the choosing experience so daunting! Choosing the best sunscreen will really need the user to define the following 3 key steps:


You really need to have the full reasons as to why you need the sunscreen and for what purpose. If you got issues with your skins and maybe you are allergic then you may need a more relevant sunscreen that will really serve that purpose. Some will need them for moisturizing while others may really not want it.

The Skin Type

You also need to fully understand your skin type and the requirements that will suit well with your skin without unnecessarily causing allergies


It’s also very important to consider the constituents of a sunscreen you choose before you purchase it. Some components might be dangerous to some sets of skins and therefore it’s important to understand every set of the ingredient before you choose.

Final Thought

These amazing top five natural sunscreens are actually the best that can warrant good times after a swim. Others that possess almost similar characteristics are the blue lizard sunscreen that also best suit the swimming ventures. The natural sunscreens are really the best swimming essentials that you must really consider carrying them when you are on a trip to a swimming pool.

To conclude with, Every swimming needs the perfect swimming essentials Moisturizing agents are so many in the market and it’s always important to make the right choice that suits the swimming purpose!


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