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Why You Should be Drinking Weight Loss Shakes

Why You Should be Drinking Weight Loss Shakes

If you’re looking to shed some pounds in a healthy manner, weight loss shakes can be the perfect option for the best meal replacement. These shakes are one of the best secrets that experts in the fitness industry recommend for celebrities. Best weight loss shakes (or protein shakes) keep you feeling satisfied and not craving any food until it’s time for your next meal. In doing so, they keep you from eating bad foods to satiate hunger arising throughout the day.

Having a weight loss shakes as opposed to a meal provides the needed number of calories and gives you all the nutrients you need to reach your weight loss goals. While this is the case for most people who try these shakes, there’s no promise it’ll make a difference in a positive way. The meal replacement shakes for weight loss needs to be healthy, and unfortunately, there are many shake recipes out there that aren’t very healthy and can actually have the opposite, unintended effect- weight gain.

Many of those shakes aren’t nutritious at all either! In light of that, it’s crucial to take the time out to look at the nutrition facts for yourself and the ingredient labels as well before you decide on which shake, if any, that you decide to consume.

When making your weight loss shake, it’s important to keep some things in mind to make sure it’s nutritious and satisfying:

The base of the protein shake should be low-fat milk, such as soy milk. Non-dairy alternatives to dairy milk such as soy milk and almond milk are essentially flavored water, meaning they have much fewer calories than traditional dairy milk.

You may include unflavored protein powder, plain non-fat or Greek yogurt, and even silken tofu to make the weight loss shake even more healthy and flavorful.

Keep in mind that the shake you’re having is replacing a meal. Therefore, if you add a small amount of monounsaturated fat, you’ll be alright. Good examples of this are adding flaxseed cold pressed oil, nuts, and the ever so popular avocado.

Fruit with a lot of fiber and not as much sugar is ideal for the production of a weight loss shake. Try adding darker berries in your shake (think raspberries, blueberries), or try adding spinach or kale to make it a shake with more fiber than sweet. The idea is to keep excess sugar out of your shake since it is, after all, a weight loss meal replacement.

For optimal chances of losing weight, it is recommended that you consume one glass of protein shake only. Remember, even if the shake is nutritious, it’s still all about calories in vs. calories out.

In order to achieve weight loss, you must be taking in fewer calories than what you’re burning. No weight loss shake can miraculously make you thin. However, when you substitute a meal that is high in calories and other unhealthy things with a protein or weight loss shake, you will lose weight over time. The secret to getting the biggest benefit by using these best weight loss shakes is to use them as meal replacements- and to include nutritious foods and exercise as a supplement to ensure you’re losing the most weight possible.

You cut calories (potentially hundreds of calories) when you replace a daily meal with a weight loss shake. This type of drastic change in your overall diet and health/lifestyle are going to greatly increase the likelihood of you losing weight- more so even than exercise alone. Researchers have found that people suffering from obesity (or morbid obesity) who replaced two meals per day with a weight loss or protein shake combined with a low-calorie diet were able to lose an average of nearly fifteen pounds in only a few months.

The ingredients in your shake are going to determine the weight loss results. It’s recommended that consuming a shake with at least ten grams of protein that is also low in fat and low in sugar, with a maximum calorie total of up to 150 (ideally less)- is going to be ideal for losing weight. Drinking a protein shake containing copious amounts of sugar or fat is not going to satisfy your hunger or nutrient needs. In fact, you very well may end up feeling hungrier by the end of the day and risk binge eating junk food by doing this.

It should go without saying that preparing and consuming a weight loss/protein shake is often very convenient. It’s a quick replacement for a meal, it’s easy to take with you places and is perfect for busy people who are constantly on the go. It certainly helps as well that the prep time for making these shakes is very minimal. An excellent benefit of making these shakes is the variety of shakes you can have, and the fact that you can choose your own ingredients from the foods you already love to eat! (So long as they’re healthy). Try using an easier recipe with almond or soy milk, protein powder, fruit, and Greek yogurt. The is one way (probably the most common way) to get the benefits of whole foods with the value of low calories that you’re looking for in a weight loss drink.

It should be noted that weight loss shakes as a meal replacement is not for everyone. They’re often not something you can sustain long-term because it doesn’t show you how to live a healthier lifestyle like choosing healthier foods to incorporate into your diet, cooking food at home instead of eating out, and how to keep the calorie count low when making those meals. It’s possible too that shakes won’t be as satisfying as actually eating the food.

Medical experts caution that consuming substantial amounts of liquid calories may result in you feeling hungry- thus the importance of only replacing one (possibly two if you’re ambitious) meals per day if you’re venturing on the weight loss shake plan. As always, before you make a more drastic change to your diet such as including these shakes as meal replacements, make sure you get approval from your physician or dietitian.